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Railroad Seesaw Cart

A pleasant way to travel
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The economy has collapsed. Among other things, all railroad travel has ceased, leaving miles of unused tracks.

You and your companion wander the land, scrounging for odd jobs and food.

But at least on your nomadic journeys you enjoy a gentle bobbing sensation and scrolling vistas. That's because you travel using a railroad seesaw cart.

The railroad seesaw cart works by the same mechanism as an old railroad hand cart, except the hand pump has been replaced by a playground seesaw.

calculust, May 18 2009

Mockup http://www.sundialt...oad-seesaw-cart.jpg
[calculust, May 18 2009]

Hand Car http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand_car
[DrBob, May 18 2009]


       great great idea does it have to function on rails?
vfrackis, May 18 2009

       This is a wonderful idea. (However it somehow sounds vaguely familiar.)
blissmiss, May 18 2009

       there are some cartoons that had their characters ride on normal seesaw carts as playground seesaw. ( I distinctly remember Pinky&Brain once doing it)
loonquawl, May 18 2009

       Excellent idea. +
DrBob, May 18 2009


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