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Segway Security System

Wobbly thieves are easy to catch
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The Segway is based on a closed loop feedback system, and anyone who has ever tried to implement such a system knows that the feedback parameters have to be chosen carefully or the system is unstable.

A Segway's handles could be fitted with fingerprint sensors. Important feedback parameters are derived from the user's fingerprints instead of being stored directly in the device. If the fingerprints deviate too far from those of the legitimate owner, the feedback loop becomes unstable, wobbling and jerking unpredictably as the thief tries to ride away. Unable to make a clean getaway, the thief is easy to apprehend.

Wrongfellow, Jun 14 2008


       Just have the controls reversed. Many pilots have crashed after having their planes annualed and being mis-rigged.   

       Would seem simple to have left/right reversed and forward/backward reversed.
Klaatu, Jun 14 2008

       A bit niche. We are all riding around on these in the UK.
gnomethang, Jun 14 2008

       Why would anyone steal a Segway?
baconbrain, Jun 15 2008

       Segways and Aztecs have one thing in common:   

       If anyone is foolish enough to leave such a thing unattended, they deserve to have it stolen and ridden to the dump.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 16 2008

       Somewhere, deep in this idea, is hidden the next wave.
4whom, Jun 16 2008

       when i saw this thread, "segway security" made me think of security guards at a local mall. They go around on segways. so those things don't turn on with a key? I don't know too much about them. whould the fingerprint sensors be reprogramable? If not, it could be a problem for those security guards. otherwise each guard would need there own segway, they couldn't have just as many as the guards who are working at one time. by the way, how fast can segways go?
-wess, Jun 16 2008

       Bear in mind that they are not all that heavy(about 100 pounds) so a thief could just throw it over his shoulder and walk off.   

       So the best security is the same as with a bike - chain it to something.
Bad Jim, Jun 16 2008


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