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RFID crash/ship-wreck victim locator (on life jacket).

Long range directional RFID.
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(Read loc8tor's(link) specifications before voting or commenting). Long range directional RFIDs can be modified to be a bit more long range, and fitted on life jackets. Rescue helicopters can additionally use rfid readers to quickly locate the victims.

Inspired by Life Jacket with Danboy( see link).

They can even carry information of the passenger who was supposed to be using it.

It could use power generated by salt water to boost the signal a bit.(see link) No?

kamathln, Oct 31 2008

LifeJacket with Danbuoy. Lifejacket_20with_20Danbuoy
This is the inspiring Idea. [kamathln, Oct 31 2008]

loc8tor http://www.loc8tor.co.uk/
A device which can be modified to be a bit longer range. [kamathln, Oct 31 2008]

Breitling Emergency http://en.wikipedia...Breitling_Emergency
Variation of the idea, in a watch. [zen_tom, Oct 31 2008]

Lost... [theleopard] now with 5 buns Lost_2e_2e_2e
RFID relies on the proximity of two devices. Lost Services, with a random walk approach, will pick up the signal and the skeleton. [4whom, Oct 31 2008]

Power from Salt water http://www.hometrai...ircuit-project.html
could be used to boost signal a bit. [kamathln, Oct 31 2008]

Personal Locator Beacons http://en.wikipedia...cating_Radio_Beacon
[batou, Oct 31 2008]


       If you're close enough to use RFID, you're probably close enough to see the victim.
phoenix, Oct 31 2008

       Don't know if it will work if you need to find the "victim" alive. Will help for the SOS clean-up team. Move skeleton, clean up SOS...<link>
4whom, Oct 31 2008

       [phoenix], check loc8tor(link) specifications.. It says 180 meters. It could prpobably be extended for lifejacket use. I am only giving a better alternative to "Lifejacket with Danboy" Idea.
kamathln, Oct 31 2008

       If you'd been lost for a period of time, the range limitations probably would make this moot.   

       But if you'd only just gone overboard in fog or high seas, this would be a blessing for all involved.
normzone, Oct 31 2008


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