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snug as a bug in a rug

Life jacket to save people in cold water situations
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Using thermic technology, the jacket would have a padding of limestone, when a strip is released this would allow sea/river water to mix with the limestone and create heat, helping to warm survivors until help arrives.
gizmo, May 05 2002


       I don't know much about thermo technology, but this sounds like a wonderful idea. If the limestone is activated by water, it could also be used for saving anyone in cold conditions providing there was a water pouch within the jacket.
arora, May 05 2002

       So you start off with a jacket full of stones, then flood it with water? That'll make a warm meal for the fishes, i suppose..
yamahito, May 05 2002

       If Kate Winslet had one on the Titanic she woul'd have snuffed it would she, maybe.
gizmo, May 05 2002

       Anything that could be used to kill any cast member of that film gets a croisant. You're a genius.
yamahito, May 05 2002

       I don't think giz was trying to kill her, possibly save her in the freezing temps - maybe?
arora, May 05 2002

       Common exothermic substrates (magnesium iron alloy and sodium chloride) produce enough heat to fry you if you don't adjust the quantity used with great care. Me, I think I'd stow a dry suit instead.
reensure, May 05 2002

       What's all this about cold typists [arora]?
mcscotland, May 05 2002

       You just can't get friendly staff nowadays.
arora, May 05 2002

       So either she drowns, freezes or fries, reensure?   

       I like those odds ;op
yamahito, May 05 2002

       + Good to use for all the refugees!
xandram, Jan 19 2017

       I note that we have not heard from [gizmo] of late. Somebody, back in 2002, should really have explained to her that what is needed is not limestone but quicklime. Limestone is noted for its rapid reaction with water, namely sinking.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2017

       Tell us again why that's a bad thing ... ?
8th of 7, Jan 19 2017

po, Feb 01 2017


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