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RFID enabled tourist guide identifier

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I work in an area of London where, if I walk around at lunchtime, I will be heavily outnumbered by tourists. I don't mind being asked directions by tourists - in a way I feel sorry for them, as London must be quite a tiring city to try and see the sights of, and has a confusing layout.

Therefore, to enable tourists to identify people who are not themselves tourists and don't mind being asked questions, I propose that I carry a small RFID tag which will make the tourists' "tourist guide spotter" device go 'ping' when they walk past me. If they then want to ask me the way to Buchingham Palace, they can
hippo, Apr 23 2009

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       Would a panama hat with the words "Stop and Ask me for Directions" around it's base work too?
Aristotle, Apr 23 2009


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