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Sneezing Office Supplies

"Go away, moochers!"
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I hate it when people ask me for supplies. It's annoying.

It would be neat if you could get special office supplies that have a special capability.

A small recording of a stuffed up person and a small hollow cavity with some "mucus".

You have a small remote to activate the special ability. When someone borrows your stuff for the hundredth time, you pull out the remote and press a button. The pen/pencil/highlighter/stapler/whatever plays the recording of a sneeze and spews mucus on the person who borrowed it. Then it plays the recording of a stuffed-up person say, "I'b tharry, I hab a code." ("I'm sorry, I have a cold.").

DesertFox, Feb 28 2005


       What an incredibly complicated and inefficient way to avoid being assertive.
contracts, Feb 28 2005

       This is funny, to say the least.
NeoPiter, Feb 28 2005

       You wait for about the hundredth time to tell moochers to fuck off? No wonder they always come to mooch off of you. But this idea's cute and funny, so [+].
Machiavelli, Feb 28 2005


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