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Rabbit eating daffodill

Geneticly engineer a daffodill that will eat rabbits (rats, guinipigs, mice, william hauge and other vermin)
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This is really in response to an other entry entitles 'daffodill eating rabbit' but i'm not sure where its gone or how wo get there. Any way, if we can breed a plant that will eat small animals (possible a cross between a venus fly trap and a small tree) then we can plant it in vermin ridden countries like austrailia, which as we know is over run with rabbits and ten foot lizerds. Fox hunting could be a thing of the past and men on horses with bugals could devote their time to a cause more worthy, like working out how long it takes to eat ten bowls of coco pops without throwing up (try it, you'll know what i mean). anyways, a novel idea i think.
fred the fairy, May 13 2001


       Ten food lizerds, eh.
egnor, May 13 2001

       "Feed me, Seymour!"
Dog Ed, May 13 2001

       That's sick...I like it. One oversight, tho...where in your tree/venus flytrap crossbreed is the promised daffodil?
nick_n_uit, May 13 2001

       Great idea!!! Have it eat ravens, too - I hate ravens most especially. Maybe it could be a raven-eating tree, and the stupid bird lands in it to squawk at me on my lunch hour and it eats him. Ha!
Duffi, May 14 2001

       ...and pigeons.
absterge, May 14 2001

       Then code the DNA in the daffoldills to eat them as well.
CasaLoco, May 14 2001

       Almost, but not quite, completely offtopic, let me recommend the book _Mirabile_ by Janet Kagan, in qhich great ideas of this kind have highly entertaining unexpected side-effects.
hello_c, May 15 2001

       What would this do to Teletubby land? All the rabbits getting eaten by the already quite scary flowers may alarm the young folk!
Bedford Van, May 15 2001

       All the vermin, does of cource include polititions and lawers. Now thats pretty cool. Just think people will want to send daffodils to their lawers.
cartman, Jul 17 2001

       I'm afraid I'll have to insist on an environmental safety study...to slow things down until I can dump my wholesale "lucky charm" business.   

       btw...Lucky Charms will make you throw-up faster.
StreetLight, Jul 17 2001

       Was that meant to say 'Hague'?
Fred, you're a fairy. I mean that in the best possible taste.
lewisgirl, Jul 17 2001


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