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Speed Bunnies

motorway speed control system
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Speed bunnies are a set of galloping rabbits that occupy the central reservation of a motorway, travelling in both directions. Their purpose is to be matched in their regulated speed, but not overtaken.

Their action is much the same as the mechanical hare which is pursued in dumb futility by stampeding greyhounds at a race track.

Speed bunnies are friendly company, who will travel along happily beside you, but if you start overtaking them, have a sting in their tail.

Speeders are easily detected and photographed by the deceptively smart, camera equipped bunnies, who can also spray offending vehicles with a noxious, fly attracting odour.

Any car thus sprayed will slowly become enveloped in a ball of visibility reducing flies and brought safely to a gradual halt, also terminating a boy racer's typical taunt: "there's no flies on me"

xenzag, Jul 12 2006

Bike caught in fast lane by speed bunnies http://www.bikecult...ddles/oppenheim.jpg
I told you not go racing ahead !!! [xenzag, Jul 12 2006]

Cheeta Speed Cameras Cheetah_20Speed_20Cameras
[Dub, Jul 12 2006]

You just need the right marketing. http://www.threadle.../subs/big/31912.gif
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 12 2006]


       I like it, but there's a question mark over the 80mph flies.   

       [edit] my goodness, no, I don't like it, it's about speed cameras!   

david_scothern, Jul 12 2006

       for every ointment there is a fly......
xenzag, Jul 12 2006

       Excellent - I like the marking method especially.   

       How about getting zoos to donate Cheetahs, and create a 5' wide Safari-Lane on the central (Wildlife) reservations? [ref Link] ([bun]ny)
Dub, Jul 12 2006

       thank you Dub - just gave you the + for your Cheetahs that I had previously annotated, but forgotten to favourably reward.   

       Animals appropriate to locations would naturally be desirable. (Barracudas in elevated, water filled tubes for boat lanes?)
xenzag, Jul 12 2006


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