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Speed Limit Sensors

Something for you leadfoots!
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Ok, before I decided to post this idea I did some research both on the Bakery and on Google. I found some things that are along the same lines but not the same. That said, if anyone finds this idea posted elsewhere please let me know.....Thanks!

A speed limit sensor is a device that would be mounted somewhere in cars, most likely in the front. New speed limit sign technology would have speed limit signs not only visually indicate the speed limit, but also would continuously send out signals that would be picked up by the car sensors to let the car know. The speed limit sensor would be linked to a governer in the car which would automatically set the maximum speed of the car to whatever the posted speed limit is. While it does take away our freedom to speed, I think it would drastically cut down on the traffic accidents.

novox, Jul 27 2001

Speeding http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Speeding
...so we don't have to repeat the whole sorry debate again. [st3f, Jul 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Baked: SPEED LIMITER TRIAL http://www.pistonhe...lt.asp?storyId=6115
[Rcomian, Oct 04 2004]

Current Speed Limit Indicator http://www.halfbake...20Limit_20Indicator
"Device displays current speed limit." [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       It's a variation on the 'Speed barcodes' and GPS-enhanced ideas.
angel, Jul 27 2001

       Oh no. This opens up the whole speed dedate again - the situation where I say things like, "Unfortunately in the UK the emphasis continues to be on speed rather than safety." which is interpreted as "Gimmemorespeednow Killtheoldpeople Whogivesafuck gimmespeedandineeditnow Killkillkill."   

       Something which I for one have never understood.   

       I don't believe that a speed limit restrictor like this would cut down accidents but at least it would stop the police spending all their manpower focusing on speed and allow them to concentrate on the dangerous driving. *That* might save a few lives.
st3f, Jul 27 2001, last modified Jul 31 2001

       Good idea for those self driving cars. In actual fact though most accidents occur at low speed or cause by somebody driving to slowly. High speed crashes admitidly have a higher fatality rate and are often more dramatic. I think it is a good idea when we are talking about the conservation of human life. If the car was to maintain the max speed that would be cool.
Monkeyboy2, Jul 27 2001

       In biological labs, there is a device called an Ultracentrifuge. The rotors of this device are interchangeable, and they all have a speed-limiting device called an "overspeed disk". This is a printed disk with black and white bars, whose width is related to the top rated speed of each rotor. A sensor detects the reflection of light off the white bars, and the interval of this reflected light would shut the machine, if it goes overspeed.   

       Stripes of different widths on the road could be used in a similar way by cars with appropriate sensors.
DanYHKim, Jul 02 2005

       [-] For an idea that makes people move slower. Humans used to walk, then they found horses. Quite a bit faster. Coupled with slow moving sail boats humans managed to explore the entire world. Now that we have cars capable of 100 mph or greater. (unless you drive a minivan or truck) People still insist on driving at or below the speed limit. How about you go get yourself a horse with a wagon on the back and mosey on down to the local sissy shop.
10clock, Jul 02 2005

       //People still insist on driving at or below the speed limit.// Yep. Well, all except the complete twats.
Basepair, Jul 02 2005


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