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Radio "mheep-mheep!"

Cartoon radio station
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Use your imagination whilst listening.
skinflaps, Oct 17 2005


       <sound of tumbleweed blowing through this idea>
coprocephalous, Oct 17 2005

       I like this.
calum, Oct 17 2005

       "And at two o'clock, don't miss "CLAAANNNNGGG!!!" - a celebration of some of the animated world's greatest frying pan impacts."
wagster, Oct 17 2005

       Is this merely cartoons played on the radio, or specially recorded shows? Either way, this is just the Goon Show redux.
DrCurry, Oct 17 2005

       eh, what's up doc?
po, Oct 17 2005

       //cartoons played on the radio//   

       yeah, what's up doc?
skinflaps, Oct 17 2005

       Needle nardle noo.
DrCurry, Oct 17 2005

       I would be somewhat disappointed if I heard Tom the Cat screeching in re-entry at mach four without knowing aproximately what layer of the upper atmoshpere he was in.
jellydoughnut, Oct 18 2005

       I don't think that adults have the necessary... oh look! a bunny!
Cedar Park, Oct 18 2005

       sorry, I got distracted.   

       I was going to... um ... say ... that ... um...
Cedar Park, Oct 18 2005

       Sylvester got your tongue, [Cedar Park]?
skinflaps, Oct 18 2005

       [Cedar Park]... tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet...
wagster, Oct 18 2005

       KABOOOOM!!! (Wow, I thought I saw a puddy cat, but now it's not.) + I love this idea. I hear the sound of the Road Runner taking off quickly! Makes me laugh.
blissmiss, Oct 18 2005

       Going back to the idea (yeah, yeah, boring, I know), there are radios that will play the audio segment of TV stations (used by people in exercise gyms, amongst others). Tune one of those to Cartoon Network, and problem solved without any additional broadcasts.
DrCurry, Oct 18 2005

       (except for the minor detail that Cartoon Network is a cable station, and not broadcast)
Worldgineer, Oct 18 2005

       //I thought I saw a puddy cat// sp. "I tawt I taw a puddy tat"
// (except for the minor detail that Cartoon Network is a cable station, and not broadcast // CN is available on digital terrestrial in the UK.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 18 2005

       blah blah blah, pedant alert. I was on my way to work, and only had a minute, geez...
blissmiss, Oct 18 2005

       //(yeah, yeah, boring, I know)//   

       <sound of anvil whistling through the air> only to slightly miss DrC by a matter of inches.
skinflaps, Oct 19 2005

       oh, no great red blood-pumping egg-shaped swellings exploding on the top of the head then?
po, Oct 19 2005

       Will leave the boulder hurling down the canyon to finish the job, flat.
skinflaps, Oct 19 2005

       <moves arms> Ah! No Zord power .. that can only mean .. <looks down> ... valley far below ... Ah!
reensure, Oct 19 2005

       Too much time listening to this and I'd be tempted to drive my car into a brick wall, thinking I'd pass through it and leave a car-shaped silhouette.
phundug, Jan 24 2007

       Now to design the perfect receiver, with electronic Rorschach display...
molecat, Jan 24 2007

       A great station for use with the Google sound library.
JSand, Jan 26 2007


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