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Rain Powered Mobile

Public mobile that changes position due to rainfall
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This is not a rain guage. The object as I envision it should not look like it was designed to collect water. It might have a human or animal or other form. One characteristic of the form should be that it have a recognizable front and back. Placed in a public place the object would be immobile most of the time. When rain falls on the object it would be collected and used to cause the object to move. The movement could be to turn on a central point or to cause it to roll or walk in a circle. In the course of a year (even in Seattle) the object would make less than one rotation or roll or walk only a foot or two. I think such an object of imagination and ingenuity could find general public acceptance. One of the problems with such a rain engine would be to design it to be tolerant of pigeon droppings and leaves.
hangingchad, Dec 26 2003

Rain mobile http://www.memorisethis.com/invt/20035
I have a set and they are fun. [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]

Foul Weather Fountain http://www.halfbake...0Weather_20Fountain
with pictures [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]


       How would this mobile know to keep still in dry weather, but move in the rain?   

       I've seen rain chimes (link), but that's not quite the same thing. (I see [Klaatu] has posted a similar link, so I won't.)
phoenix, Dec 27 2003

       The thing would "know" to move when it rained because it would be powered by the rain water acting on a water wheel, water turbine etc..
hangingchad, Dec 29 2003

       So it's electric? Or at least geared? Would that still be a mobile?
phoenix, Dec 29 2003

       I like it. A very general description though. I want a specific example with pictures.
Worldgineer, Dec 29 2003

       So this functions by some manner of water turbine or "archimedes pump"-ish thingy? If so + for the idea, but why?
whatastrangeperson, Dec 30 2003

       to Phoenix - electric - no, geared - most likely -- it would be classified as a mobile, I propose, even if it only moved a little when powered by the rain.   

       to worldgineer - Sorry - all I have is the half baked idea - no picture   

       to whatastrangeperson - You ask why? I ask - why not?
hangingchad, Jan 02 2004


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