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Rain Veil

Rain goes horizontally, too.
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There are few things more annoying than walking through a downpour with your hair dry thanks to your coathood, but your face getting soaked and battered. I propose that raincoats with hoods include something to cover your face - a clear plastic panel, attached by snaps at the sides and open at the bottom for air. When not it use, it tucks into the hood; when in use, it deflects anything that approaches your face.
gisho, Dec 19 2007

Or you could wear one of these... http://www.theparka...rfill/downmask.html
...if you wanted to look like a Smurf with mumps. [lostdog, Dec 20 2007]

Didn't they have these in Dune? http://www.rusmilit...s/afganka_visor.gif
Oh, wait, that's Russian military issue... [DrCurry, Dec 20 2007]

Looks like you can get them for your dog http://www.smalldog...com/images/C001.jpg
[DrCurry, Dec 20 2007]


       Wouldn't a fine screen be better? I think plastic would fog and get creases when not in use. I think the screen would stop most rain and could double as a mosquito net.
MisterQED, Dec 20 2007

       [UnaBubba], I generally wear a fedora; however there are times when it is insufficient, and others when it would be difficult to manuever when not in use.
gisho, Dec 20 2007

       If you spell it sideways it's a horse bridle leash from a Colorado ski resort town...
globaltourniquet, Dec 20 2007

       If the weather turns smowy, a motorcycle helmet with visor will offer warmth, dryness, protection from wind, clear vision, and ridicule from passers-by.   

       But this idea has merit [+].
8th of 7, Dec 20 2007

       Lifejackets quite often have these. In a rough sea you can actually drown from the spray.
webfishrune, Dec 20 2007

       [Lostdog's link] RUN!!! We're being invaded by Martians!!!   

       Truly, if I had to choose between dying of cold and wearing one of those I would have to think really hard... I would eventually put it on.
PauloSargaco, Dec 20 2007

       Can they come with wipers?
RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2007

       - and the reason for wearing a rain veil ? to counter the evil rain of course....
xenzag, Dec 20 2007

       Chemical suits work much better than rain jackets.
ed, Dec 20 2007

       This year's performance of Bolero just isn't coming together - the musicians just aren't listening to each other. So the conductor taps his stick angrily, and proclaims, "Come on people! Let's get it together! There's no I in Ravel!"
globaltourniquet, Dec 20 2007


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