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rip-off kids clothes

Get them clean and smart again in a fraction of a second
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My mum, my sister, myself and the little one were sitting in a cafe having a drink and a snack before heading off to see a show, when a certain little someone takes it into her head to get a straw and blow bubbles through a cup of hot chocolate, thus completely covering her clothes with splashes of hot chocolate.

We decided that what would have saved the day was if kids clothes were made much like the rip-off plastic visor covers used by racing drivers. When splodged, the top layer of the clothes could be quickly removed to reveal a new smart clean layer underneath; saving the trouble of carrying a spare set of clothes around.

prufrax, Oct 24 2004

rip-off aprons for hospital staff http://news.bbc.co..../health/4145140.stm
A similar idea seen on the beeb... [prufrax, Aug 15 2005]


       Baked. Baby Gap already sells rip-off kids clothes. Oh.... you meant....   

       Ok then [+]
wagster, Oct 24 2004

       //made much like the rip-off plastic visor covers used by racing drivers.//   

       Very cool indeed.
Letsbuildafort, Oct 24 2004

       A similar approach would be kid jumpsuits made of paper towel material. These suits would be good for one full day, maybe. At the end of the day they would be thrown out. If irretrievably soiled in the course of the day, they are thrown out. Underneath, the kid has regular clothes on. Or maybe another set of paper clothes!
bungston, Oct 25 2004


       Or a paper towel-like fabric (cheap but absorbent) disposable outfit cover, just to make sure that it stays clean during the day before an event.   

       I know some grown ups who could use something like this as well.
Pericles, Oct 25 2004

       Seems to me that they also need rip-off items on the inside, too.
Ling, Oct 26 2004

       Harrumph! I was sure I'd picked this one right, and yet no connection to Michael Jackson in sight...
vigilante, Oct 27 2004

       Once i figured this wasnt some pedophile thing, I have decided to vote for it. Good one +
energy guy, Oct 27 2004

       Once i figured this wasnt some pedophile thing, I have decided to vote for it. Good one +
energy guy, Oct 27 2004

       How about close-fitting transparent plastic sheeting over normal clothes? Fastened at the ankles, neck and wrists, the air could be pumped out to make the fit as close as possible, so they just look normal, if a little shiny and smooth. Would also contain odours and fluids.
ooooooooo, Oct 28 2004

       + for the concept, - for the practicality issues. My vote stays neutral. First, the layers would need to be waterproof to keep liquids from instantly soiling all the way through. This means they wouldn't be breathable, and baby would get sweaty. Second, you'd need multiple layers. Again, too warm, baby gets sweaty.   

       Sweaty baby in hot, non-breathable clothes = noisy, unhappy baby.
Freefall, Oct 28 2004

       Yeah - classic case of double speak.
energy guy, Oct 28 2004

       Sweaty Hot Baby...sounds like a 50's love song.   

       I think multiple layers are good for short periods of time. Maybe clothes with hidden velcro straps that can hold on a second layer of clothing to keep the first layer underneath clean and even keep the kid warm.   

       Or just serve children only translucent food.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 29 2004

       [energy guy] is a goodthinker. Idea is doubleplusgood. Or doublecrustgood, apparently.
vigilante, Oct 29 2004

       Oh great. Matroyshka kids. (Is that the right spelling?)
DesertFox, Aug 15 2005


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