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white flavored milk

looks just like plain milk.
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White chocolate, vanilla and marshmallow. I know that technically marshmallow tastes the same as vanilla, but I think people might prefer it to vanilla just because of the name. marshmallow milk.
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004

Like this? http://www.hersheys...apers/swirl1024.jpg
See rightmost product. Or did you mean the three flavors all together? [swamilad, Dec 15 2004]

2 http://www.nesquik....vor=vv&category=rtd
[swamilad, Dec 15 2004]

marshmallows http://www.foodrefe...hmallow-recipe.html
most marshmallow recipes do contain vanilla extract [jaksplat, Dec 17 2004]

homemade marshmallows http://www.theeagle...903marshmellows.htm
without the vanilla it'd just taste like sugar [jaksplat, Dec 17 2004]


       Hmm...well, I know vanilla is already baked...   

       (Based on a quote from a friend) "It tastes like...white."   

       Not sure how white grape would taste, but I'd try it at least once.
nick_n_uit, Dec 15 2004

       Mmm ... white wine.
FarmerJohn, Dec 15 2004

       White chocolate perhaps?
RayfordSteele, Dec 17 2004

       Marshmallows and vanilla don't taste the same!!! But mmm, marshmallow milk sounds yummy.
Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

       Good God, man! Do you kiss your mama with that filthy mouth?
Machiavelli, Dec 17 2004

       //Marshmallows and vanilla don't taste the same!!! // Duh!
zigness, Dec 17 2004

       What does white taste of?
Ling, Dec 17 2004

       6 out of 7 dwarves prefer the tast of White.   

       Doc was a big queen.
etherman, Dec 17 2004


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