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Room Buggy

living in three dimensions
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The inside of your home is a large, rectangular loft. You sit on a comfortable recliner. Behind you and attached to the seat is a vertical, telescopic pole reaching to the ceiling and floor. Under the seat are two similar, horizontal poles, one extending from the wall in front of you to the wall behind, and the other extending to the two walls on each side.

The recliner can rotate around the vertical pole. At the ends of each pole are swivel wheels. The telescopic poles can extend or retract hydraulically while always pressing against all six surfaces, causing the seat and you to move about to any spot within the loft. This movement also causes the free-wheeling pole ends to transverse the floor, ceiling and walls as you move about.

Living room, kitchen and bedroom furniture, shelves and lamps are distributed on all the surfaces. You maneuver your movement about the space with a joy stick, though sensors help you steer the poles around any ottoman on the floor or painting on the wall.

You feel almost weightless, floating to any point in the room to enjoy music, video, a book, to grab some ice cream or answer the door near the top. Perfect for disabled or folks that exercise regularly.

FarmerJohn, Aug 15 2004




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