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No-Water Shower

A chemical and enzime shower for those on the go.
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Most of us enjoy our 10,15 or 20 minutes a day we spend in the shower, but there are those folks who just might not have the time. Whether on long business trips, cross-country trucking routes or backpacking in the wilderness, there may be times when you can't access a shower for days at a time. Now, with a Chemical Shower you can clean up and be on the go in seconds. A special blend of non-corrosive chemicals and degreasers, combined with natural, waste consuming enzimes, can be applied to the skin via a spray can style device, very similar to hair spray. In a matter of 45 to 60 seconds, nasty, odor-causing dirt, sweat, dead skin and bacteria are neutralized by the chemicals and digested by the enzimes and converted into harmless gasses and chemical compounds. Because it kills bacteria, it fights odor. But because there would be some waste products, a shower at least once a week is recomended to eliminate the residue build up. The chemicals and enzimes obviously would have to be non-toxic and harmless to the skin, hair, eyes and other body systems. Ever sit next to Uncle Mel after he comes home from that beer league softball game or been in a booth at a diner next to a trucker on a 3 day trip from Santa Fe to Portland, Maine? You'll appreciate Chem-Shower.
rcornell, Mar 04 2001


       How about using a giant handi-wipe?
blahginger, Mar 04 2001

       I was hoping for a chinchilla dust bath for people.
Wes, Mar 04 2001

       There once was a waterless shower. It made everyone smell like a flower. Except for my friend Rob, who was such a rotten-smelling slob, that no canned-spray would do the job.
dredcat7, Mar 05 2001

       You could have a large chemical gel lump that you emerse yourself in so it can clean you in the manner you describe by oozing into all the right places. Afterwards you process the gel lump to get rid of the residue so it's ready to use again. This elimates an excessive amount of chemicals going down the drain if you want a long, lingering cleaning session.
Aristotle, Mar 07 2001

       So uh, cleaning hair spray?   

       ...is it flammable?
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 18 2009


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