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Randy Wipes

Something alcohol-free
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After making a bit of a mess in the bedroom one reaches for fistfuls of kleenex and it's stll a real mess. What's needed is a nice, big wet wipe without astringents that can be rapidly tugged out of a convenient container. The world awaits its arrival.
Steamboat, Jul 24 2010


       Randy's not gonna like it.   

       Something alcohol free? How about DMSO? Since you will be suitably distracted in the [afterglow/post-coital disaster], you either 1) won't notice the garlic taste in your mouth, or 2) it might be a better flavor than what's currently in your mouth. And, you also get the added benefit of relieving any muscle soreness you might have accumulated in the last 10 minutes or so. Buns up, baby! [+]
Grogster, Jul 24 2010

       for you mebbe.
po, Jul 24 2010

       A neatly-folded bandana is sometimes handy for other mucous-related needs.   

       There are baby-wipes of various kinds much as described, nicely scented, too. Associating the smell of baby gear with sex is a bad idea, though.   

       A drop of cologne into the baby-wipe container might help. It is nice on the bandana, too.
baconbrain, Jul 24 2010

       Old Spice Wipes, then?
Cedar Park, Jul 25 2010

       Honestly though, you'd think I would have been consulted before my name became a euphemism for horny.   

       "Nice to meet you, I'm Horny"
"Pardon me, did you say horny?"
"Yep, just Horny. Well it's more of a nickname really, my given name is #&@%$!?*&er but everybody calls me horny."
" ? "

       <sound of crickets>   

       It can get a guy in trouble it can I tells ya.   

       // Old Spice Wipes, then? //   

       Just thought of their recent ads and laughed my arse off.
marklar, Jul 25 2010

       bun for you [2fries] Randy!!!!!!
(I did think this post was about you!)
xandram, Jul 25 2010

       //rapidly tugged//
Made me laugh, anyway!
gnomethang, Jul 26 2010


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