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Suppress Your Sex Drive: Get More Things Done!

It's much easier to be productive when your're not preoccupied with sex.
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I've noticed as I get older and my sex drive becomes less of a driving force in my life...I am getting so much done. I would have loved to have the amount of concentration towards productive activities that I currently have when I was in High School / College. Perhaps people could volunteer for procedures, e.g. surgical, medicinal, etc., where they could have distractions such as their libido put on hold so they can actually concentrate on the job at hand.

Students could take use the procedure during the semester, executives could use it when the deadline for that important project loomed, etc. Wouldn't it be nice to have a measure of control over our baser functions?

dgeiser13, Sep 14 2000

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       It's called mastubation. It's an important thing for everybody to know how to do, and quietly.
centauri, Sep 14 2000

       Peter: But if you weren't, would you want to be?
Mickey the Fish, Sep 15 2000

       Poor Alan Turing was sentenced to testosterone-inhibiting drugs as part of his conviction for homosexuality. Look what it did for his productivity. A short sigh of thanks for living in slightly more enlightened times...
rmutt, Sep 16 2000

       rmutt: my proposal is completely voluntary. it sound's like Alan Turing's was not. i would never recommend this be forced upon anyone.
dgeiser13, Sep 18 2000

       And the author of this idea is only 13 years old, what a shame.
thumbwax, Sep 19 2000

       Baked.......They put bromide in the soldier's tea during the first world war (and since) to 'Keep their mind on the job'
Haemavore, Sep 20 2000

       I VOTE WE HAVE MORE SEX AND LESS DEADLINES IN OUR LIVES !!!!!!! One of the great things in life is having lusty thoughts seep into your head while you're working or having a stressfull day! Sex - in general - is one of the best stress relievers known to mankind and has been MEDICALLY PROVEN(no kidding, a british doctor did) to increase your life span. You can just use those extra years to make up for the time you "lost" fooling around!!!!
xex, Dec 12 2000

       Although I don't have the evidence to back this up - I remember seeing somewhere that many successful and influential people have a strong sex drive ... I imagine this is where the sexual drive adds to the drive in other areas. Need I mention some famous presidents and their libido's??
bod, Dec 12 2000

       The mark of a successful man seems to be his willingness to act on urges, be they business ideas or personal impulses. I suspect bod's mention of presidents etc. with a strong libido is more likely symptomatic of the more general character.
snowfox, Dec 12 2000

       Alternatively, people with a monster drive to become successful are usually under a great deal of stress, to which heightened libido is a common response.
Uncle Nutsy, Dec 12 2000

       All-male residences (jail, military forces, single sex bording places, monestaries, ... ) in my opinion are NOT more productive than mix sex places. Excepr for a monestary, I've lived in all the single sex (male) places listed above. Also, except for my time in the Army, but including 'monestaries, I've also servived time in mixed places listed above. More done? I doubt it. I took an overdose of the female contraceptive pill for 3 months, then published my findings after 6 months. Diminished sex drive/ sex thoughts/ obsessions - yes. But no increase in productivity.   

       I've done extensive & intensive community work with AID-victims, gender-mixers, etc. - and any sex-domination/ obsssion that I've seen is a clue to either personal loneliness, or power-obsessions.   

       The female hormones will seem to counteract some aspects of testorone, but not the socialization.
gz, Apr 12 2001

       Bad idea! Very BAD idea! 2001 fish skeletons for THAT clunker. Sex and love are among the things that make life delightful and rewarding!
Sparki, Aug 11 2001

       I'm with Sparki. This is a terrible idea. Suppressing your natural drives often leads to bad things.
-alx, Aug 11 2001, last modified Aug 12 2001

       Maybe we are mistaken about the direction of the causal relationship. Drugs to treat depression (serotonin reuptake inhibitors, e.g., Prozac) often lower sex drive by reducing dopamine, another neurotransmitter. Why might depressed people have a higher sex drive? Perhaps in an attempt to self-medicate by releasing the pleasurable rewards of sex. Why might this be evolutionarily adaptive? Depression indicates that all is not well with the organism. An organism not doing well probably won’t last too long. It would be in the interest of the organism’s genes to be passed on as soon as possible in this case, as looking toward the long term is of no use if there is no long term to look toward. So an adaptation to respond to depression by copulation, and an associated reward to the organism, would be a successful adaptation (for the genes, if not the organism).   

       Still, there was that ancient Greek, whose name escapes me, who noted how much freer and more productive (pun intended) he felt in his old age when his head was no longer clouded by lust.
protean, Aug 11 2001

       Gz, please kindly share with us a reference to your publication.
dsm, Aug 12 2001

       How about stepping back to the concept of Free Love? Perhaps we obsess about it less when we know we can get it.
phoenix, Aug 12 2001

       Well, no matter what happens, humans will always crave sexual activity. You could be happily married, have the most beautiful wife in the world (who never ages), and be rich. But for some reason, you keep looking at the other women. Why, you ask? Because, that is how we were built. Human men were never meant to be tied down by one mate. Instead, like the primates (who, if you haven't heard, we are related to) men were intended to have a harem. This is why a man's sex drive never stops. No matter how much you love your significant other, there will always be someone else who catches your eye...
Salty Ham, Jan 12 2002

       what ever happened to that woman married to Mr Bobbitt when you need her?
po, Jan 12 2002

       Actually, it may not be quite as simple as that, Salty Ham. See the link above - an interesting line is "Among our mammalian brethren, the primate order contains more monogamous species than any other" halfway down the page.
Guy Fox, Jan 12 2002

       [larch] I would expect that if one treats women with the respect they deserve, one is likely to be immune from this sort of thing...
mwburden, Jan 13 2002

       quote: "actually concentrate on the job at hand."
No... I shouldn't...
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2002

       Instead of drugs, which, as has been explained, can have side effects, how effective would "cojones wo setsudan" be?
juuitchan3, May 07 2002

       I think it was Socrates that said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that man can only ever be liberated when freed from desire. So, I say, bring on the Bromine!
emburey, May 08 2002

       It is called being broke.
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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