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Rare Earth

Can't go see the world? Let the world come see you!
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A lot of people want to experience the world's Wonders but never do so either because of cost or laziness, and so Rare Earth service gives them an opportunity to have the experience come to them.

The site lets people buy a little piece of Exotic. So say you want some sand off the beach of the Skeleton Coast then on the site it already sells a small vial of 1 gram of genuine sand from the Skeleton Coast (vials are dated); or actual raindrops from the Amazon Rainforest; or melted snow from the top of Mt Everest; or salt water straight from the Dead Sea.

Now you too can experience the World's Wonders in the form of a 1ml certified glass bottle.

"Hey, i've been to the top of Everest!"

"Hey i've felt the salts of the Dead Sea!"

corezz, Sep 27 2011

You might be on to something. http://www.googobit...-sand-for-sale.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 27 2011]

"Hey, I've been to the Grotto of Massabielle in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, France!" http://www.directfr...lourdes_water_gifts
[swimswim, Sep 30 2011]

Pele's Curse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pele's_Curse
[Klaatu, Sep 30 2011]


       My high school science teacher had a jar of volcanic ash from Mt. St. Helens. I have a small vial of trinitite from the first nuclear detonation. +
DIYMatt, Sep 27 2011

       It's illegal to take material from many places around the world.
daseva, Sep 27 2011

       It's illegal to take water from [corezz]'s garden spigot?
Alterother, Sep 27 2011

       One would need to provide a photo as proof of where/when the sample was taken. I was thinking it could be presented in a short 30-sec documentary-style clip that immersed the potential buyer of the history of that region (ending with seeing someone pick up a sample and seeing an overlay date/time on screen) -- making potential customers feel they are part of it. And of course, on that page they then have a chance to buy that vial.
corezz, Sep 30 2011

       The true beauty of this scheme is that the purveyors never need collect anything from anywhere except that vacant lot 2 blocks down.
bungston, Sep 30 2011

       While I like the idea of the idea, staring at a grain of sand just doesn't compare to running barefoot on a sandy beach with the waves crashing around.   

       Sand is lovely, but more so in abundance. And without the sound of the ocean, just not all that fascinating, to me at least. (Now to an ant it's probably akin to a beautiful mountain.)
blissmiss, Sep 30 2011

       I used to bring vials of sand from all of the places that I visited and friends would also bring sand in 35mm film cans when they traveled. Alas, everything is digital now and those cans are hard to come by. [+]
Klaatu, Sep 30 2011

       Sounds cool!
quantass, Oct 03 2011

       Dip can full of Kuwait sand, Iraq sand. Soon I'll have Afghan sand.   

       Yeah, I got the idea from "Saving Private Ryan".   

       This midtour leave I plan on visiting Europe. I also hope to visit some bakers.
MikeD, Oct 23 2011

       "Hey mate, I've got some pebbles from the rings of Saturn to sell. Yea, they do look a little like rat droppings I suppose. Hadn't thought of that. Anyway, for you? Fifty quid." [+]
doctorremulac3, Oct 23 2011

       Not so fast, [Dr.R]. How much is that in American money?
MikeD, Oct 23 2011

       About 80 bucks.   

       Unless you're asking about a rat turd to dollar ratio, which at the rate we're going should be a straight one-to-one exchange in a few years.
doctorremulac3, Oct 24 2011

       //       About 80 bucks.   //   

       Sure, last Friday it was. Wait until the market opens later today, watch the £ soar while the $ sulks in the corner. Fuckin' earmarking sonsabitches. Hey, I've got a great idea: let's completely ignore these money-grubbing bastards and let them write their own rules while we turn all our corn into a piss-poor excuse for fuel!
Alterother, Oct 24 2011


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