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Razor Hat

Hat with razor brim.
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In the classic Bond movie Goldfinger (and several Mortal Kombat games), there is a character who slices and dices people with a razor brimmed hat he throws.

Although this use is possible, the razor hat may be used in other ways. For example, someone having a barbeque may wear the hat for protection from the sun, but briefly remove it to chop sausages on the grill.

A cop could use it as a backup weapon. A gardener could prune bushes by just moving his head!

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000


       Have fun on your date? Expecting a goodnight kiss? Take home a souvenir of the event by scalping your date with the new razor sharp Tomahawk Cap from Mementos Incorporated.   

       Mementos: the fresh wound maker.
centauri, Jul 15 2000

       Standing in a carwash, one could cut plumes of red feathers from the fearful schwoom.
eehen, Jul 16 2000

       You would have to be careful when courteously raising your hat to a passing lady. Perhaps kevlar gloves are the answer.
Mickey the Fish, Aug 17 2000


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