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I have ginger hair and many foibles.



Party food winds my clock.

[Jul 08 2000, last modified Sep 30 2005]

(+12, -7) Cheese Candles
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Chess With Revels
(+21, -6)(+21, -6) Credit Card Monkey
(+9, -3) Dalek Matadors
(+2, -6) Dental Dolly
 Dog Faces for Cats
(+6, -3) Food Boiling Suits
(+1, -9)(+1, -9) Functional Chopsticks
 Great Glass Rupert Bear Trousers
 Intelligently Damping Muscular Marshmallow
(+10, -3) Onion on a Spring
 Seagull Shop Map Aloft
(+3, -5) Self-Frying Eggs
(+16, -10) Square Meal Farm Animals
(+11, -26)(+11, -26)(+11, -26) Steak Trousers
(+5) Tortoise Guide-Dogs for Over-Excitable People
(+6, -10) Wooden Peanuts
 Worm Pipecleaners

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