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Scrabble Pizza

First you play, then you eat.
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This is a kit. It contains:

1. Pre-made Scrabble board made from pizza dough. Basically a flat pizza dough with the Scrabble grid printed on in food coloring.
2. Toppings in the shape of different letters. Pepperoni "O"s, mushroom "T"s etc... The whole english alphabet and the "blanks" (Sanskrit version coming soon!).
3. Cheese

Basically, you play a game of Scrabble. Then when you finish you sprinkle on some cheese and pop that sucker into the oven. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Fantastico delicioso!

After dinner, cocktails, and then the love-making begins. Then a nap. Then repeat from step 1.

DeathNinja, Sep 10 2003


       I think the love-making is probably over-egging the pudding somewhat.
po, Sep 10 2003

       //and then the love-making begins//   

       This is why I don't play scrabble, men always get their hopes up...
k_sra, Sep 10 2003

       Are you in for a game of strip poker instead?
FarmerJohn, Sep 10 2003

       deal me in...
po, Sep 10 2003


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