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Reading Owl

shoulder mounted stuffed owl reading lamp / telephone/music player/nightlight
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When it's time to peruse your favourite author's latest, simply remove the Reading Owl from its recharging perch and place on your shoulder; the beams coming from it's large eyes are adjustable for spread, intensity and direction.

The Owl is also a unique cordless phone and if it's too noisy in the room, a wing can be drawn over your head and other ear for better hearing of your phone call. And in this position the embedded MP3 player can come through in stereophonic majesty. When both wings are spread, it increases volume to fill a small room as a music stereo or speakerphone.

When switched off the eyes glow luminescently to assist you in locating it in the dark.

FlyingToaster, Feb 22 2009


       Do you actually intend this thing to look like a parrot? With light coming from its eyes. I suppose it could be a parrot with a torch in its beak.
Harry Mudd, Feb 23 2009

       I like the idea of a stuffed parrot mostly because the ringtone could be "SQUAWK"... lightwise I'm on the fence between it wearing a torch of some kind or having the light shining from it's eyes.
FlyingToaster, Feb 23 2009

       [grossly edited post]: the idea of an owl is more appealing for reading and makes the lamp positioning obvious; likewise the addition of mp3 player, and spreadable wings.
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2009

       How about if it sounds like the owl from The Sword In The Stone?
goldbb, Feb 25 2009


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