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Reading Parrot

stands on the shoulders of the illiterati
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Text-to-speech faux birds for people who can't or won't read the language of the culture they find themselves in. For such things as signage and menus.
FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2010

Teddy_20AI [FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2010]

Reading Parrot http://www.gurney.c...parrots/origin.html
the only parrot sanctuary in and around the Berkshire area [pocmloc, Sep 28 2010]


       Get away with you, it'll just repeat things back at you, without understanding any context or inflection!
infidel, Sep 28 2010

       You mean like a network news anchor?
doctorremulac3, Sep 28 2010

       A reader without an opinion, IOW. Perfect. (*Some* training required.) [+]
Boomershine, Sep 28 2010

       WIBN if parrots could read? They could read a book to your child when you just feel like having a beer, or read when you don't feel like putting on your glasses, or read for blind people...but they don't read. [-]
(not really understanding the category either)
xandram, Sep 28 2010

       We thought this idea would be about brightly coloured birds from mid-Berkshire ...
8th of 7, Sep 28 2010

       meant as a language appendage: an artificial brain if you will. Fake bird makes you look like a pirate with a parrot.
FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2010

       [xandram]//but they don't read. [-]//   

       Yet. I couldn't read at first, either. Now I won't have to.
Boomershine, Sep 28 2010

       Hold on [xandram], they are //faux birds// - so I'm guessing it'sa dummy that is rigged with vision & text recognition systems.
Jinbish, Sep 28 2010

       Hold on [jinbish] - I did not see *faux* in there before my anno--nor did I see the last sentence. I think the post has been edited...(only my parrot will know for sure, so I will remove the fishbone)
xandram, Sep 28 2010

       Why do you have a fishbone in your parrot ? Parrots don't eat fish.
8th of 7, Sep 28 2010

       I think mine's broken. It only translates Agatha Christie novels... no wait, uh my bad, says right here on the box that it's a Reading Poirot.   

       Dang French/English packaging.   

       Obviously something lost in the translation from Belgian ...
8th of 7, Sep 29 2010

       Lock 'im away in one of the 'little grey cells'.   

       Fair enough, [xandram], we can stop holding on now...
Jinbish, Sep 29 2010

       I actually like the idea of a *language appendage* but real pirates wouldn't be caught dead with a fake parrot!!
xandram, Sep 29 2010

       [xandram] Oh, but *ironical* pirates would.
mouseposture, Sep 29 2010

       They'd also have fake gold.
Jinbish, Sep 30 2010

       You mean, pound coins, for example?
pocmloc, Sep 30 2010

       the 'crackers' might be data disks, perhaps whole novels or the papers one need fill out for a proper visa.
dentworth, Sep 30 2010

       Do pirates have fake visas? Or do they just skim other people's Visas?
infidel, Sep 30 2010


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