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See through scalp

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Like one of those see through phones where you can see all the wires inside. So cool. How do those things work anyway?
grackle, May 12 2001

Fistulated Cows http://www.geocitie...ion/2867/index.html
It's common practice to surgically insert "windows" in animal organs (a cow's stomach, in this case) for educational and research purposes. If it weren't for the obvious reasons of ethics, taste, and "it would be bloody stupid", this could presumably be done to a human skull. The brain wouldn't be much to look at, though, at least not compared to a cow's stomach. [egnor, May 12 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

While you're at it http://www.trepan.com
Two great ideas that go great together [Rant93, May 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       See-through phones are just made of see-through plastic. Your eyes are the closest we have to see-through skin. Besides, all you would see would be your skull.
salmon, May 12 2001

       Well then everyone could compare the size, shape and colour of their skull and cause lots of arguments and fights.
JoshW, May 12 2001

       be much more interesting to have transparent/lucent skin,muscles and bone on the arm
technobadger, May 12 2001

       Regarding egnor's comments with his link: Since the brain makes use of electrical impulses, couldn't you implant LEDs on the surface of the brain to give a cool light show inside the see-through skull?
PotatoStew, May 14 2001

       Could we have different coloured windows so that humans can follow the iMac trend as well? I'd quite like to have a blue window into my skull.
gardnose, May 14 2001

       How can you guys vote against this? Think of all the phrenologists who could benefit!   

benfrost, Jun 01 2001

       I am absolutely blown away by that trepanning site! Wow!
grackle, Jun 05 2002


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