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Real Life Attribute Getter

Find out that the lady behind you in line is a Level 23 Physicist
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I propose a product that would allow people to view others' "character sheets", of sorts. You'd get one and then put your personal data into it, education and such. There could be optional tests which would give you an attribute in whatever area the test was on. The data would all be converted to interesting units like levels and skill numbers, giving your everyday encounters somewhat of an online RPG or quest feel.

The device would be able to scan the nearby area for other units, and read their info... it could serve as an ice breaker, or even introduce you to an eligible someone who shares your high Intelligence score and specialized Stamp Collecting skill. (or anything else you wanted to search for)

The form is not essential to the idea, but I suppose a PDA add-on or (depending on technology) something that goes into your glasses and overlays the info onto your field of view would be suitable. There would be an always-detecting mode and a "ping" mode (you push the ping button, and all nearby units "pong" back their data to you) depending on battery life.

I'm not an engineer so I don't know the exact details of how to implement this, but I know similar things (Lovegety, cell phone sniper games) have been done so I'm assuming it's quite possible.

Qinopio, Jan 26 2003


       As long as you could filter to find opposing attributes rather than just matching ones.
bristolz, Jan 26 2003

       No, wait, we did this one before, and it might even be real, if not quite as sophisticated. Or maybe it's just reminding me of that WAP thing that goes off when someone else who wants to meet people who like stamps (or whatever) is nearby. Or maybe I dreamt it...
snarfyguy, Jan 26 2003

       There are plenty of specialized devices for finding people but the attribute list for most of them is "I am [ ] male [ ] female; I want to have sex with a [ ] male [ ] female [ ] right now [ ] after a brief period of courtship". No reason not to get more sophisticated. One day when we all have wearable computers we'll be able to surf each others' home pages on the go.
egnor, Jan 26 2003

       Where? I need one!
egbert, Jan 27 2003

       You can get them online now ......
8th of 7, Jan 27 2003

       I don't like the "test" part of this.   

       ... but meeting a level 15 beggar sounds interesting
ixnaum, Sep 17 2005

       "If you want to sneak in to the club, try at 11.05 pm. Thats when just Richards there, he's only a level 5 bouncer, a trainee practically."   


       "You don't want to mess with me young lad, in my prime I was a level 22 boxer, and I've still got it."
Germanicus, Sep 17 2005

       Just print 'INTJ' on your t-shirt. Myers-briggs people will know know you before they meet you.
not_only_but_also, Sep 20 2005

       Baked in video games (Watch_Dogs).
notexactly, Nov 14 2015


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