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Real Life Slither

Slither.io for people.
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Slither.io is a video game that only consists of worms and food. The worms move at one of two velocities. The object is to eat the food without hitting another worm. If you hit another worm you turn into food. If a worm hits you it turns into good and you are free to try to eat it.

Slither live is in which regular people act just like the worms from slither.io. "Live" People walk or run around a game space picking up "dead" people who have Run into other worms and died. you either walk or run around the space and try to dodge other worms. Everyone is always either dead or running up to the next person and dodging back and forth until one of you chooses a direction or runs into the other guy, turning into food. Dead guys can get picked up by and trail behind live guys, creating longer and longer worms.

JesusHChrist, Oct 16 2016

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       So it is like a conga line. The problem is that the drunk folks 5 back will not adhere to the path that you have chosen and will swing wide and hit someone.   

       I very much like the idea that anything that hits you turns into good.
bungston, Oct 16 2016


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