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Real Nesting Files

Real-life version of computer files
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I have difficulty getting myself to file paper in a file cabinet, but sometimes it's necessary. And twenty years later, most of it needs to be recycled. It's been essential to recover the paper version more than once!

My filing system on the laptop computer is much more organized, consisting of folders and sub-folders, easily renamed, and reorganized.

What I'd like is to replicate my cybernetic filing system with Pendaflex or similar real paper folders, with a similar nesting scheme.

So I propose versions of the usual hanging file that fit inbetween the usual file tangs, and hold papers (sub)-relevant to the major categories.

csea, Aug 25 2007

expanding hanging file system http://www.ergoinde...s_media_storage.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 27 2007]


       <sad, easy solution> Just do so by progressively indexing partition labels away from the left. I do this already and it works fine.   

       Any label level with the left is a "root folder", first indent is a sub-folder, etc. It just depends on how many sub-levels you want, and how small you're willing to write. It helps to envisage the software equivalent, especially visualise your file structure as being analogous to the tree structure you see in the left hand column in your file manager (say, explorer).   

       <hint> glue the labels in place so they can't slide left/right or your whole system will fall down very quickly. </hint>
Custardguts, Aug 27 2007

       (+) Not widely known to exist but if I catch your drift you mean these?

       Makes sense to me [+]. You would, presumably, need slightly deeper filing drawers.
pertinax, Aug 27 2007

       Ah. And I was picturing the files carefully gathering twigs and sticks, and laying big round eggs...
DrCurry, Aug 27 2007

       bun for the image of DrCurry's file-drawers full of sticks and twigs and an egg in amongst the paper.
dentworth, Aug 27 2007

       I had the same vision as DC, but I was thinking of woodworking files building a nest from sawdust and other workshop scraps. context is fun.
bleh, Aug 27 2007

       Thanks for the comments. [DrCurry], [dentworth],[bleh], you must have seen the files in my garage!
csea, Aug 28 2007

       it's baked, you just don't use it.
k_sra, Aug 29 2007


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