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Seat Guardian 3000

I like my own seat, and I don't want someone else taking it when I go to lunch.
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(this idea is similar to my [office desk saver] post. The difference is that this is for those who don't need to block a whole desk, just to reserve a particular seat, also for use at home for Dad's easy chair)

Basically, it's a polished wooden board cut to cover your seat completely, contoured to the curvature of the cushion, with upward-pointing nails in a square pattern, with taller nails in the middle, getting shorter towards the outer edges, like a pyramid. The Seat Guardian 3000 is secured with kevlar straps with grommets in the ends so you can put a padlock through them, holding them together under the seat, and the seatcover firmly in place.

21 Quest, Oct 21 2006

This might work. http://www.halfbake...0Keep_20Your_20Spot
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 21 2006]

Acrylic Reserved Sign http://www.barbecue...licreservedsign.htm
This little novelty item seems a great deal easier to carry on your person, and far less likely to provoke a lawsuit. Would be equally useful on the back of your church pew, theater seat, bar stool, bus seat or barcalounger. [jurist, Oct 22 2006]


       I'm sensing a lot of anger in your current furniture ideas. A disturbance there is in your force and lead you to the dark side anger will, hmm? Sorry I am that your work won't allow you to keep your own furniture.

       On the other hand, your situation sounds like it could make for an interesting sitcom.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 21 2006

       It's not *just* for work... at home, how many countless fathers get sick of going to the bathroom and come back to find their teeneage son munching a big bag of chips in his chair, getting crumbs all over it? This is good there, too.
21 Quest, Oct 21 2006

       I would use it on the Greyhound bus when traveling long distances. There is nothing I hate more than getting off to use the restroom only to discover someone sitting in my seat when I reboard.
Jscotty, Oct 21 2006

Chefboyrbored, Oct 24 2006

       I was really hoping this was going to be a idea for a robot.
hidden truths, Oct 24 2006

       A very suspicious, fake puddle would also work quite well +
xenzag, Oct 24 2006

       A single square of toilet paper works quite well.
squeak, Oct 25 2006

       This idea would work well, as long as you don't work in an office full of fakirs.
imaginality, Oct 27 2006

       Ahhhh.... but that's the beauty of the pyramid configuration, imaginality. A bed of nails uses equal-length nails, allowing your weight to be distributed evenly over all the nails. With different-length nails, at least some of them are going to pierce if you put weight on it.
21 Quest, Oct 27 2006

       They could possibly still sit on the seat though (admittedly leaning against the back would be uncomfortable), with one leg on either side of the centre, if the slopes of the nail pyramid are smooth. Maybe it's worth having a few nails poking up randomly here and there, rather than all neatly aligned, just to be sure. After all, there's an annoying fakir or two in most workplaces.
imaginality, Oct 27 2006

       Hm... that is a good point, Imaginality. A few stray nails here and there certainly would only serve to make the seat more unpleasant to sit on. I never stated the slope must be smooth, but then again, I never said it wasn't. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.
21 Quest, Oct 27 2006


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