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Self-Spinning Chair

Never Be Bored!!!!
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Ever gotten so bored at work that you're reduced to spinning around and around in your chair to occupy yourself? Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm way too lazy to want to have to spin my chair myself. So, I invented my new Self-Spinning Chair to do it for me! Simply plug it into a wall outlet, flip a switch when you get bored, and let the fun begin!

Delux Model comes with built-in CD/MP3/Casette/IPOD player, with a variety of headsets to choose from for maximum comfort, and all models come with a complimentary pair of opaque sunglasses to keep those bright flourescent office lights from giving you a headache while you spin.

(can also be used in conjunction {via automatic shutoff} with the [Incoming Boss Alert] to avoid being caught)

21 Quest, Jan 20 2006


       But of course. The TEMPO-LINK function is activated by the same switch that turns the whole thing on. It's one of those wheel-type toggle switches like the ones found on floor lamps.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

       Electricity is still required to power the Delux Model accessories. Unless you'd prefer to have to replace batteries.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

       Does this come with an optional "boss key" function?
Jscotty, Jan 20 2006

       What do you mean "Boss Key"?
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

       The boss key is a button you press to completely abort the motion, music, and anything else going on with that chair right before your boss comes around the corner so that he does not see you goofing off. I use this terminology from my days when I worked in an office and would surf porn on the net. I had a utility that I downloaded where I would press F12 on my keyboard right before the boss came around the corner and it would quickly display a website from CNN or some other business related site. The Boss Key.. it saves over 35,000 jobs every day.
Jscotty, Jan 20 2006

       Oh, I hadn't thought of that! Well, of course one could be installed at no extra cost to the consumer.
21 Quest, Jan 20 2006

       Can I have one that's USB powered please? There simply just aren't enough USB devices on the market these days...

       Although if this device became popular (the USB version) then I could easily forsee a chair-spinner virus being released which would cause equal amounts of havoc and hilarity across the world :D
Salmon Of Doubt, Jan 21 2006

       I was shocked to discover a USB port on my new microwave oven. I figured that for whatever this could be used for, I surely didn't want to know about it.
Jscotty, Jan 22 2006

       //Ever gotten so bored at work that you're reduced to spinning around and around in your chair to occupy yourself?// No. I have the halfbakery.
wagster, Jan 23 2006

       Obviously, the USB version would be superior, since you wouldn't need to bother with a boss key. Instead you could have a webcam trained to watch for your boss and, when it sees him coming, it stops the chair from spinning.
autophage, Oct 18 2009

       One of those humping dog sticks stuck to a microwave just seems wrong.

       3 phase USB - now that would be a challenge.
wjt, Oct 18 2009

       Autophage, the webcam part's covered already. Check the last sentence of the post. Incoming Boss Alert is another of my HB posts.
21 Quest, Oct 18 2009


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