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Secrets Revealed - Website

You are not so strange after all, or are you?
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This would be a website showing the things that people do secretly or when they know they are alone as well as thoughts and ideas they keep to themselves. So for this to work it would have to be anonymous so that users could feel free to reveal all their secrets without fear. So we would need to guarantee the user that their IP address would not be traced without doubt. All the secrets would be organized by category and you could also see the most common secrets of people. The truth is nobody is really going to open up because of fear of been judged. From picking their nose to dark desires they might have people are afraid to tell. But what if some of the "odd" things we think and do secretly are actually done by 80% of the population? You wouldn't feel so ashamed in the end. You would then see it as human behaviour, and people would be more accepting of themselves and others.
Aluxe, Oct 11 2003

Toilet habits? http://www.bathroomsurvey.com
Here's a starter for 10... [seedy em, Oct 04 2004]


       Yeah! let's all have sex with our pets!!! ...cause, secretly, everyone does right?   

       Ha ha ha... you must be kidding me, right? (blushes in shame and leaves the bakery after deleting her account in embarassment)
Pericles, Oct 11 2003

       Perhaps this web site should be sponsored by the "Church of No-Pants" (cf) then, eh?
krelnik, Oct 11 2003

       You guys are all wearing pants?
bungston, Oct 11 2003

       My pants are holy. Does that count?   

       This is what newsgroups are all about. Alt.nose.picking?
phoenix, Oct 12 2003

       Baked - there is just such a site. I saw it once, but I've forgotten the name. confessions.com, or some such.
DrCurry, Oct 12 2003

       I am pretty sure that the things people try to hide would not shock me at all, it is the things they believe are normal that I would think odd.
Calamity Jane, Oct 12 2003

       // it is the things they believe are normal that I would think odd //   

       I second that.
Detly, Oct 13 2003

       you mean like www.grouphug.us?
lordrich, Dec 31 2003

       By the way - [DrCurry] is right *looks for link*.
Detly, Feb 01 2004


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