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Reality Based TV Show

Let's see who can really survive.
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Roundup n number of players and transport them to a desolate location. n - 1 players have all the food, clothing, shelter and comfort items they may need. The remaining player has only a gun and some ammo. A paintball gun might be enough, but that will remove an element of reality. After a chosen number of days, weeks or years, the player with all the items and the gun is declared the winner.
Oliver Klossov, Sep 10 2002

Battle Royale movie review http://www.mediacir...t/battleroyale.html
This is a similar idea that was adapted as a movie. [wan-fu, Sep 10 2002]

Serial Killer Show http://www.halfbake...ial_20Killer_20Show
Extremely similar "big brother" themed idea - redundant? [yamahito, Sep 11 2002]


       One of my comfort items would be a kevlar vest and another, a baseball bat.
bristolz, Sep 10 2002

       It would be interesting though I'm not sure how you could broadcast it on TV seeing as how it will be incredibly savage. I watched Battle Royale (see link) and I think that would probably be a pretty accurate depiction of what would happen in a situation that you describe. It's disgusting (blood, guts, body parts hacked off/partially-off/halfway-off/etc., and more!)
wan-fu, Sep 10 2002

       Fantasy Island?
skinflaps, Sep 10 2002

       If this is your reality, I'm sure glad I don't live in your neighborhood.
half, Sep 10 2002


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