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The US is famous for its Preppers - people who have readied themselves for nuclear war, zombie apocalypse or whatever the world has to throw at them apart from actual real life.

"Prept" is a TV game show for and about these people. One show runs across multiple episodes. The first episode is a reverse bidding war - ten prepper families must bid amongst each other to find the *lowest* prize they are prepared to compete for - starting at $1M and moving downwards. The four families prepared to compete for the smallest prize money are "in" and will play for the prize, and the other six go home empty handed.

Once the four families have thus been chosen, they all return to their little prepper caverns, which have been helpfully fitted out with cameras and microphones. Once in place, they are told the nature of the apocalypse (nuclear war; zombie attack; airborne ebola...).

The remaining episodes follow each of the four families as they attempt to survive the stated apocalypse. Survival experts in the studio, having examined the prepper dens, can decide if and when family members die ("Pattersons, your air filtration system is only removing 80% of the fallout; the youngest two family members are now dead"). The four competing families continue in their dens (potentially for months), until they either decide to quit or until all family members are hypothetically dead. The last surviving family wins the prize.

MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2018


       If I had a TV, I would likely watch this, at least once, so I could answer the Trivial Pursuit questions.
Sgt Teacup, Oct 15 2018

       Most preppies get eaten by the alligator.
4and20, Oct 15 2018

       What if a real nuclear Armageddon/zombie apocalypse/supervolcano eruption happens while the series is being filmed? I assume you wouldn't tell the contestants?
hippo, Oct 15 2018

       In half seriousness, there was a TV series like this, except that preppers were simply analyzed and graded by "experts". The catastrophes such experts may have been envisaging may have factored into the grading system, but agreed that putting preppers through their actual paces would have made for better television, if anyone wanted to insure the production.
4and20, Oct 17 2018

       'Doomsday Preppers'   

       the one episode I watched, somebody managed to shoot their thumb off.
FlyingToaster, Oct 17 2018

       //Doomsday Preppers//   

       I googled. Ho. Lee. Shit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2018

       The preppers could make a small EMP, disabling the camera crew, then pull their own camera gear out of a faraday cage (box) and film their own show
beanangel, Oct 18 2018

       You may have the bun from my last MRE.
Voice, Oct 19 2018


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