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Quake Survivor

last one left alive gets the dough
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The setting - a building with lots of rooms and hiding places. The contestants - 16 people armed with all sorts of weapons. The challenge - kill all opponents and win the cash prize.

People could win better weapons based on how well they do on "challenges." So everyone starts out with a simple knife or a slingshot and has a chance to get every other type of weapon, the ultimate being a flamethrower or something like that.

As for the practicality, well... here we may have a problem. It wouldn't be any good of a show if there wasn't any real danger - who wants a plain paintball game? If only we could use condemned inmates. In that case, the prize would obviously be freedom.

To make the game even more fun for the audience, people could log in on the internet and give advice to their favorite players.

fleasting, May 11 2001


       Baked. How tired do we have to get of Roman Gladiator knock-offs before they stop?
globaltourniquet, May 12 2001

       Not only Roman Gladiators...but also "Running Man". As much as we would like to see this happen...it's not gonna. "Cruel and unusual" and all that...
Susen, May 12 2001

jutta, May 12 2001

       So . . . wouldn't anyone else worry that there'd be a convicted prisoner who just gruesomely murdered a bunch of other people running around free?. . . or is it just me?
Boshraff, Feb 27 2002

       let me see if i can get this straight:   

       1. you want to have real people kill other real people on tv for the entertainment of the viewing public.   

       2. you would like to have a lot of killers compete to see which is the most cunning and most willing to kill again, and then you want to set that one free????????   

       3. you have been playing too many video games   

       did i get all that right?   

       if not, let me know and i'll come back and change my vote. otherwise . . . FISHBONE
efarns, Feb 28 2002


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