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Search for Saddam Reality TV Show

Ex-military folks go to Iraq to hunt down Saddam
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This reality TV show would feature some crack ex-special forces guys arming up and charging around Iraq looking for Saddam. At the end the show would pay for itself with it's 50 Million reward offered by the US for the capture of Saddam!

People would be riveted with a new episode each week. Saddam would HAVE to watch it, and no doubt be forced to respond.

Would you watch it? Even once?

grahamhgreen, Oct 08 2003


       I hear that CBS is already doing this for "Survivor Iraq", followed by "Survivor Afghanistan: The Search for Osama".
muzer, Oct 08 2003

popbottle, Dec 12 2014

       I would have liked to see Steve Irwin getting him out of the hole.
FlyingToaster, Dec 13 2014

       (accent) " Now he's been in here for a while, and he's not going to want to come out, so we'll have to be very careful about how we grab him. "
normzone, Dec 15 2014

       that's great norm! good old croc hunter.
bungston, Dec 15 2014


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