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Really cheap travel

There is still room on trucks
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Many trucks (the 18 wheelers) have a lot of clearance underneath the trailer, a lot more than they need under any reasonable road conditions. This empty space should be filled with 4 to 8 (depends on length of trailer) hollow cylinders. The ends would point towards the side of the road and have some kind of protective covers. Exhausted hikers can climb in and sleep while they get a ride. Less exhausted hikers can still get in and watch the landscape or sky from a new perspective as it rushes by.
kbecker, Apr 05 2004


       Tubed hikers may get "exhausted".
FarmerJohn, Apr 06 2004

       Baked. That's how illegal immigrants get across the border. [briztolz] ha ha. ok I'm a Brazilian who can't spell, but there's no need to be sarcastic.
kinemojo, Sep 08 2005

       Straddling the boarder or just laying across the boarder?
bristolz, Sep 08 2005


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