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Carpooling website

A website where people can carpool
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Going on a vacation, need it cheap? well why not having a service online where people can select a destination and put down where they are from and each user would have a profile that is checked with an FBI background check for user safety. Lets say someone lives in detroit and wants to go to florida for a week, well i am sure there is at least 30 people going to florida from detroit or somewhere on the way. Everyone would be liscensed to drive others free of charge and others would be liscensed to ride with others. Each user would have a rating. So users who provide a lot would be rated higher and drivers could rate riders and so on. As well drivers could be liscensed hitch hkers/ hitch hiker picker uppers. When picking up a hitchhicker you would take their card and dial a number on the cell phone and validate them as a legitmate safe person to pick up, the hitchhiker inturn would see that the driver has a hitchhicker endorsed liscense as well
JoeLounsbury, Oct 20 2003




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