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Two Cars enter One Car Leaves

Very small cars designed to share a parking space, a car pool lane, the driving and the gas bill.
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One evolution would be two three-wheeled triangular vehicles that join together to form a commuting car of rectangular shape. Take up one space to park. Go to different places for lunch. Join together again for the commute home.

Steering for one vehicle would lock or the wheels stow above the road surface. Engines in both cars under a single drivers control. Brakes and lights same.

Car pool lane would cause a legal case as to what is a single car. Bridge tolls could also be tricky.

A couple or three of those tiny little cars could join.

Side view : o=o 0=0 o=o becomes o=o0=0o=o

(The two slices of pumpkin pie vs 3 fun size candy bars equal a full size bar. Thanksgiving Vs Halloween in car design)

Two Cars enter One Car exits ?

popbottle, Nov 10 2014

2 to 1 https://www.youtube...watch?v=pmRAiUPdRjk
two men enter one man leaves [popbottle, Nov 10 2014]

2 drop leaves http://chestercount..._oak_drop_leaf.html
one table [not_morrison_rm, Nov 10 2014]


       Well, you could do theme leaves, like maple leaves for Canada, oak leaves for England..and so on. Not to mention drop-leaves..see link..   

       //two men enter one man leaves   

       Obviously the budget for the human caterpillar thing was a bit tight.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 10 2014

       This shouldn't be an issue for carpool lanes and toll bridges. If the combined car takes up less road space and weighs less than a large SUV or van that would be allowed, then there shouldn't be any reason for anyone to complain.   

       You might need to get special rules made though. If you classify the second car as a trailer, you can go in the carpool lane, but you aren't allowed to have passengers in trailers in many (most?) jurisdictions.
scad mientist, Nov 10 2014


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