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Rideshare Roulette

Because someone has to do it
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This is a competitive documentary game, such that two ride sharers will compete to see who can get the greatest string of reaction audio videos in the following way:

Both players will over-indulge in food and drink to which they have food alergies or which will otherwise produce in them the most obnoxious and unbearable effluvia possible, and then each player will coordinate a string of ride sharing "pool" rides where they pool with one other passenger, canceling the ones where they would get picked up first and only taking the rides where they would be the second passenger being picked up.

So when the carpool ride shows up with the first rider already in the car, invariably in the behind the shotgun seat, the first player should wait by the side of the road and when the pool stops wait to see if the first passenger slides over to the behind the driver seat to make room for the player. If the first passenger slides over, the player can either cancel the ride right there paying the penalty, or more painfully take the ride but hold their farts in.

If the first passenger on the other hand does not move over to the behind the drivers seat but instead stays in the behind the shotgun seat, forcing the player to step around the car and into the path of passing traffic in order to approach the car from the street side to get in the behind the drivers seat, then the player may do this and upon getting in the car and starting on the ride, may let go of all of the food alergy induced gas that has built up in the pkayers intestines and then use the accompanying app to record the reactions of the asshole passenger who woukdnt move and the happless driver.

A series of these reactions in a row would constitute a "play" and pkayers may compete just head to head or for all time records.

JesusHChrist, Feb 16 2016


       If the driver or first passenger open a window do you lose points?
whatrock, Feb 17 2016

       Helps for it to be below freezing outside.
JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2016

       Chant with me now:   

       One man enter, Three men leave.   

       One man enter, Three men leave.   

       One man enter, Three men leave.   

       ( AS quickly as they can while holding their breath. )
popbottle, Feb 18 2016


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