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'Too hot' fork

Fork changes colour depending on tempurature
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So I was burning myself eating noodles the other day, when I thought that if the fork (being the first object touching the food) could somehow warn you of the impeding dangers.

Recalling those 'mood rings' that somehow tell your mood by changing colour according to your finger's tempurature, I thought that you could put some of that material inside the fork. Inside because 1) To my understanding that material is sensitive 2) You won't risk any chemicals or stuff getting in your food 3) A clear fork with a strip inside it that changes colour would sure keep me entertained

It seems that it can be mass produced, because you see those little mood rings pretty cheap.

YourPants, Jan 26 2002


       I believe this is baked in the form of a plastic spoon I once got in a box of cereal.   

       Why not a mood bowl, or mood noodles?
mighty_cheese, Jan 26 2002

       Baked, at least for babies eating tools. We had some for my son. He had a bowl as well
dare99, Jan 26 2002

       HalfBaked as well.
phoenix, Jan 26 2002

       [Rods Tiger] That's HalfBaked as well.
phoenix, Jan 26 2002


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