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What The Fork!

fork with LED tine tips
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What The Fork! is the name given to a new type of fork that features ultra-tiny bright LEDs embedded on the tips of each of the tines. These are powered by a battery sealed in a watertight compartment in the body of the fork, and activated by pressing down hard on an area of the shaft.

The effect of activating the fork and pushing it into an item of food is to make what you are eating appear to glow from within in the low light of most restaurants.

You can also use it to illuminate menus for easier reading etc, or to annoy other diners by waving it around with the lights on.

Being able to eat inner-glowing food items has no practical advantages, which is exactly why it's posted here.

xenzag, Nov 15 2022

Like this? https://www.google....mgrc=Vf_vHdUb3hWw7M
[21 Quest, Nov 15 2022]

LEDs used to illuminate inside of food Eating Serpent
[pocmloc, Nov 16 2022]


       [+] for easily read menus in dimly lit venues.
a1, Nov 15 2022

       ^^ [+] !!
whatrock, Nov 15 2022

pocmloc, Nov 15 2022

       Is it possible to make a similar knife with glowing edge?
pocmloc, Nov 15 2022

21 Quest, Nov 15 2022

       <does best Dalek impression>   

       Illumin ate! Illumin ate!   

       //Is it possible to make a similar knife with glowing edge?// It may be, but it won't be great for cutting. Spreading butter or moving peas around on a plate would be ok though. I had also considered a glowing soup bowl with the lights embedded at the bottom, but settled on the fork as being the most versatile of instruments for food illumination purposes.
xenzag, Nov 16 2022

       Version 2 with wifi and a micro camera so you can see inside the fig. Then you can fork the worms. (and see what's inside THEM).
pashute, Nov 16 2022

       Halfbakery never fails to disappoint with perpetual anonymous negativity. This is why I now post the majority of my ideas on Instagram.
xenzag, Nov 16 2022

       I posted a link that I felt showed the idea was baked, and you never responded to it. That's not anonymous.
21 Quest, Nov 16 2022

       I usually do explain my buns and bones, but only for lagniappe. Whining about who boned something comes across as, well, whiny.   

       That said, I gave a [+] for these to light up menus. Like [21_Quest], I did find lots of novelty light-up eating utensils, but the ones I found only lit the handles. None that specifically lit up just the points on a fork or the edge of a knife.
a1, Nov 16 2022

       //I posted a link that I felt showed the idea was baked// I ignored your link as it was irrelevant. The forks depicted in it do not have lighting up tine tips and therefore are not capable of internally illuminating any food, which is what this idea is about. This is another example of why I mostly stay away from here now, along with many others. Constantly having to over explain and deal with perpetual negativity is frustrating and tiresome. Halfbakery not much fun anymore. It’s a real pity, as it used to be a such brilliant unique place, populated by many creative individuals. Some sadly died but many more just gave up. Where is Hippo for example? or Wagster? or Bungston? Or Benfrost? So come on - wise up and let's have less unwarranted negativity based on poor research.
xenzag, Nov 17 2022

       The spirit of stack exchange wafts over the bakery.
mylodon, Nov 18 2022

       {Inhales deeply}
pertinax, Nov 18 2022

       I think xenzag gave me my very first anno, many years ago. I think it said, RTFM, then, 'welcome to half bakery!'. I deserved it, it was a dreadful crappy idea (one of pretty much all). But it introduced the concept to me, that criticism was leavened with grace here, and banter and word play ruled. I never forgot it and decided to keep coming back. It is possible that I am part to blame for the downfall of HB, and for that I can only blame - [xenzag].
mylodon, Nov 18 2022

       //lagniappe// TIL
pertinax, Nov 18 2022

       LED color change to match temperature would be a pleasing upgrade. Though it might taint the idea with practicality.   

       Impale with tines and check to see if it glows red for too hot. Gently blow until the bite reaches the desired color temp.
pukesick, Nov 22 2022

       //the downfall of HB// I always reckoned that you can't fall if you start lying flat on the floor!
pocmloc, Nov 22 2022


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