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Record on Anything PVR

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This device would have an extendable laser read/writer. When the record button is presssed the laser encodes the tv program directly on to the surface of the material provided - jam being the most suitable.

On attempting to play back the recording the laser read function would be employed.

Special glasses and a steady hand are prerequisites for this feature!

martynwyatt, Jun 02 2009

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       Recording into jam is one thing - but with a laser!?   

       I think that the write head would need to be a spoon; the read head could possibly be a laser or optical device (camera?). I am not optimistic about the storage capacity and integrity of such a medium.
Jinbish, Jun 02 2009

       And you'd need to find either a really long baguette, or a reliable method for rotating a pitta.
zen_tom, Jun 02 2009

       A few connecting rods and some anti-sticky, and you can even power a mechanical frog with it!   

       And if that makes no sense, you were deprived from some excellent literature as a child.
snoyes, Jun 02 2009

       A jam powered, stilted amphibian? Link up man!
zen_tom, Jun 02 2009

       It will probably only work if you want to record Eddie Izzard
mecotterill, Jun 06 2009

       What if the machine jams?
Dickcheney6, Jun 06 2009


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