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Recycling pub john

Recover alcohol and add to beer.
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You don't buy beer, only rent it, as most of it is pissed away into the urinal of the pub you have bought the beer from.

My idea is that the waste fluid runoff is fractionally distilled to recover the alcohol present in the urine stream and then this may be recycled.

neelandan, Dec 06 2008

How much alcohol leaves in the urine? http://www.healthma...esting-Facts.324585
And other fun facts! Breathing information 2/5ths down. [daseva, Dec 08 2008]


       Baked...they call it "Corona".
Spacecoyote, Dec 06 2008

       Yes, i had a similar idea here a while back. Maybe also some conversion of ethanol metabolites in the urine back into ethanol.
nineteenthly, Dec 06 2008

       I read somewhere you only piss 5% of what you drink. Another 5% is exhaled. Along your lines of reasoning, we should send the air in the bar through a condenser/distillation system to get more good stuff. Which is terribly inefficient, you see, either way.
daseva, Dec 06 2008

       5% of him, at least.
Spacecoyote, Dec 06 2008

       I wonder what [daseva] thinks happens to the other 90%
hippo, Dec 07 2008

       Perhaps she thinks the other 90% is broken down by alchohol dehydrogenase, and via various other metabolic pathways.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 07 2008

       I wonder if [daseva] means 50%.
theNakedApiarist, Dec 08 2008

       With some people, you'd think 200%.
david_scothern, Dec 08 2008

       I have provided a link to help substantiate my claims. Basically, what [MaxBuchanan] said. <linky>
daseva, Dec 08 2008

       Based on the taste of Castlemaine, Fosters and Swan, I'd say this is baked in Australia.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 08 2008

       ethanol -> acetaldehyde -> acetic acid, performed in the liver
GutPunchLullabies, Dec 09 2008

       but did you know your body actually uses it for energy? It captures high energy compounds that your body can use. You could live off it, if it didn't kill you.
GutPunchLullabies, Dec 09 2008

       Hey, so if a little piss gets in the beer. And you know how it goes, a little piss, a little beer. My point is there's got to be a limit to how much piss gets in the beer before it's Actually piss and not beer no more. Like, nobody'll drink it except ol' Mikey, or his friend Gurelf. But, they openly like piss so it doesn't count.   

       I'll be damned that if the glass is only 49% piss and you still call it beer. That beer is piss. Beer, as a rule, should only be able to contain, at maximum, one part piss for five parts alcohol, but that's just a number I'm throwing out there. The optimal partitioning of beer and piss will, of course, have much to do with the specific brew, as some will already closely resemble urine.
daseva, Dec 09 2008

       Hmmm - at least you'll be able to tell whether your fellow drinkers are diabetic...
(The reason I asked about the other 90% is because you said "you only piss 5% of what you drink", not "you only piss 5% of the alcohol you drink").
hippo, Dec 09 2008

       Do not suggest this in Bavaria. They’d either attack you immediately and without forewarning or cry.
squeak, Dec 09 2008


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