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for budding Irving Washingtons
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Redacting commercial documents - that is, going through documents and removing text that is, for one reason or another, confidential - is time consuming but, alas, necessary.

One of the major problems with redaction actions (other than that they are dispiritingly tedious) is that most office papers are printed out using laser printers. Colouring over the sensitive passages with black marker - the preferred method of redaction - leaves the text quite readable when the sheet examined under ordinary office strip lighting.

Hence the Redactomatic. A scanner-cum-laser printer. Simply place your document in the scanner, mark up, using the user-friendly software, the areas of the document to be rendered black and undreadable, and allow the Redactomatic to laser print over the confidential text. Thus confidentiality is ensured and magic marker induced solvent abuse is avoided.

calum, Sep 27 2005

Solvent abuse - not that awesome http://news.bbc.co....3267000/3267321.stm
Surprising: "Many users also place plastic bags over their heads to get the full effect from the solvents, and this can lead to accidental suffocation, while other users face the risk of choking on their own vomit if they blackout." [calum, Sep 27 2005, last modified Oct 15 2012]


       //magic marker induced solvent abuse is avoided//
You say that like it's a good thing.
angel, Sep 27 2005

       The merits of solvent abuse are moot, really, as rheumy, heavy-lidded eyes and acne are not the sort of image a dynamic young solicitor should be seeking to present to clients. Though older practitioners may be able to pass these visual clues off as conjunctivitis or dermatitis, permenant marker stains round the top lip and nostril are less easy to disguise.
calum, Sep 27 2005

       Could you not just get all the lawyers to handwrite their documents with a crayon? That way you could scribble over the sensitive bits and nobody would be any the wiser.
salachair, Sep 27 2005

       All acknowledged, [calum]; I think I was temporarily channelling [AfroAssault] just then.
angel, Sep 27 2005

       You were? I am jealous. I can't even summon him, let alone channel him.
calum, Sep 27 2005

       I don't know why you don't just cut offending parts with a razor blade.
po, Sep 27 2005

       Darling, I long for you and cannot wait for us to be together. Yours, Mary.
moomintroll, Sep 27 2005

       Eh? That's not what I wrote...
moomintroll, Sep 27 2005


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