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Reductio-ad-absurdum pool cue

For easier transport.
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Many Pool and Snooker cues can be unscrewed and separated into two sections for more convenient storage and/or transport.

Now, BorgCo engineers have gone two better. The new range of Reductio-ad-absurdum cues separate into not two but eight, sixteen or thirty-two sections, depending on the compactness required, allowing a full size cue to be carried unobtrusively in a pocket once dismantled.

8th of 7, Apr 19 2010

4 piece deluxe pool cue http://www.abcsport...84e2ca8cf22d55fee68
Prior Art - not symmetrical. [8th of 7, Apr 19 2010]

Watch and learn http://www.youtube....watch?v=hRBRy9IBesM
Z shaft predator check out the grain alignment [zeno, Apr 19 2010]


       Of course, to be really clever, you need to make sections that can be stored inside each other. [+]
gisho, Apr 19 2010

       //Of course, to be really clever, you need to make sections that can be stored inside each other.// I agree and to make that possible, make it telescopic and air tight when extended. And this is for you [8/7] extend it using a version of an air bag gas generator.   

       I've been meaning to make one of these since I saw the Force Lance open the first time on Andromeda.
MisterQED, Apr 19 2010

       The problem with this is that if you only need three sections, they are of unequal lengths. People laugh.
bungston, Apr 19 2010

       // pair of dimensional decade dividers //   

       We had a pair of those, but the end fell off.
8th of 7, Apr 19 2010

       Surely by now there's a pool cue app for the iPhone?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 19 2010

       /pool cue app/ Don't try it. The chalk gummoxes that little thing on the end with the holes.
bungston, Apr 19 2010

       The cue in the link is a piece of shit. The whole point of a cue is to have the vibrations resulting from the impact run through the cue and into your arm/body as natural as possible. There has to be a flow. Hence I boned the idea.   

       It goes without saying that I could beat you with this or any other cue playing with one hand behind my back.   

       You would be amazed to learn how many people I actually beat playing with one hand behind my back. You would be even more amazed to learn how many people back away from the chalenge because they are to afraid. I tell them that if they win they win five euro's, but when I win I get ten euro's, two hands against one that's fair right?   

       Back on topic: check this link. It's latest and best top ever.
zeno, Apr 19 2010

       Have a piece of elastic running through the centre and you could fold it up like a blind person's cane or a modern tent pole. Unfold it and the elastic quickly snaps the pieces into place.
Jinbish, Apr 19 2010

       //carried unobtrusively in a pocket// Even in sections, I don't think it'd be unobtrusive.
"Is that a pool cue in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?"
mouseposture, Apr 20 2010

       //"is that a pool cue in your pocket..."...//
ah there ya go, an inflatable pool cue.
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2010

       This is a bad idea because the pieces of the cue will become so small that they lose meaning.
rcarty, Apr 20 2010

       Is meaning an important attribute for a pool cue?
mouseposture, Apr 20 2010

       No, but imagine how terrible if the meaning of other things was sucked up and dissipated by pool cue granules.
pocmloc, Apr 20 2010

       What a beautiful weirdness. Sounds like the sort of thing Klapaucius would try to talk Trurl out of.
mouseposture, Apr 20 2010

       and then you need a russian-doll type cue ball: when hit the outer shell opens and the next one pops out then the next, etc.
FlyingToaster, Apr 21 2010


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