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Rubik's HyperCube

a 4-dimensional Rubik's cube puzzle
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And you thought the 3-dimensional version was hard.
nuclear hobo, Oct 31 2007

(?) The Hypercube http://www.geocitie...ozuc/hypercube.html
[nuclear hobo, Oct 31 2007]

Hypercube http://mathworld.wo....com/Hypercube.html
A definition thereof! [quantum_flux, Oct 31 2007]

Rubix Hypercube http://www.superlim...om/cube/applet.html
Here's a java implementation... [zen_tom, Nov 01 2007]


       Perhaps this is for people who have too much time in/on their hands.
quantum_flux, Oct 31 2007

       Oooooh, I like zen_tom's link a lot.
jutta, Nov 01 2007

       Yep! - That link is pretty mental.
gnomethang, Nov 03 2007

       Wow - that's sick.
wagster, Nov 06 2007

       It took me 5 mins just to mix it up.   

       But it only took me a few seconds to reload the page and get it back to the start.
Ling, Nov 06 2007

       thats a pretty cool applet! probably one of the better ways I've seen to visualize another dimension
tjhenry, Jul 31 2010


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