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Rock out in the car

Rock band like game for drivers
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Since there is so much free time and no other distractions while driving why not score points while rocking out in the car to your favorite songs? Involves a heads up display or other way to project blocks rendered with the same prospective/parallax as the lanes in the roads. Blocks would come toward you while moving, depending on your current speed. Buttons on the steering wheel would let you hit the blocks as you drive over them to score points in time with the beat of the music too. Would have to minimize the number of columns to one or two to keep it easy.
tjhenry, Jul 31 2010

Geggy Tah http://www.youtube....watch?v=P2UUvG-XuQs
[jaksplat, Aug 01 2010]


       Scaring me now...(-)   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery, [tjhenry] ;-)
normzone, Jul 31 2010

       Not distracting the driver is the first principle of car UI design. [-]
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 01 2010

       //Not distracting the driver is the first principle of car UI design.//
An oversimplification. Any dashboard with a radio violates that principle.

       It's a principle of *highway* design that driving must be kept slightly interesting, requiring a little more attention than a plain, straight road, otherwise the driver becomes inattentive (or asleep) and doesn't respond quickly to sudden stimuli. (I say "a" principle, because some highways are designed this way, but others aren't.)   

       Now, this idea may seem well beyond a little mild challenge to hold the driver's interest, but, for the New Humans we read so much about, who become bored and doze off unless multitasking several different forms of electronic media, it might be appropriate.   

       I suggest it be combined with some sort of titration algorithm which continually adjusts the difficulty of the game to keep it at the right, low level.
mouseposture, Aug 01 2010


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