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Rock Breaks Scissors Tree of Life

A website enumerating the complete tree of "this" breaks "that" for the universe
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Expanding on the game of "Rock Breaks Scissors" develop a website that enumerates the complex recursive relationship of all the things in the universe that can be used to break other things, from positron breaks electron to black hole breaks galaxy, gravity breaks everything or does it? Perhaps paper can defeat gravity (e.g., paper airplane). Lion eats gazelle. Worm eats lion. Bird eats worm. Gravity crashes bird. Worm eat bird. You get the picture. Along with each entry in the directed graph supply a hand pose that represents the thing.
gingerbaker, Jan 10 2012

paper_2c_20scissors...20fillet_20steak_2e [hippo, Jan 10 2012]

Rock paper scissors Spock lizard! http://www.samkass....theories/RPSSL.html
[not_only_but_also, Jan 12 2012]


       But does a positron break an electron, or does an electron break a positron?   

       Spacetime eventually breaks everything!
DIYMatt, Jan 10 2012

       It cuts it, without breaking it, obviously.
pocmloc, Jan 10 2012

       Excellent idea - but it'll only work if there are an odd number of things in the universe.

[The game of rock-paper-scissors can only be played fairly with an odd number of objects. If the number of objects is n and n is odd, then an object x has relationships with (n-1) other objects. Because (n-1) will be an even number half of these relationships can be of the form "<something> beats x" and half of the form "x beats <something>" and the game will be fair. If n is even and (n-1) is odd then an object x will always have either more winning relationships than losing relationships or more losing relationships than winning relationships and will thus *always* have a higher a priori probability of losing or winning regardless of what your opponent chooses. For further reading, see the "Paper, scissors, stone, fillet steak" discussion (linked).]
hippo, Jan 10 2012

       Neutrino simply passes by, unmolested.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2012

       If it's a tree then it's acyclic, so it's not really compatible with the scissors-paper-stone concept.
pertinax, Jan 10 2012

       Entropy is always the winner.
Voice, Jan 10 2012

       Life beats Entropy.
pocmloc, Jan 10 2012

       Not if time is entropy.
rcarty, Jan 10 2012

       Does Something beat Nothing, or vice versa?
mouseposture, Jan 11 2012


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