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Religion Insurance

Insurance against making the Wrong Choice
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Insure your soul, so that when the world ends, if you turn out to have subscribed to the wrong religion, the insurance company will posthumously baptize you in the correct religion and you'll go right to heaven. This could get sticky if the right religion turns out to include reincarnation, but then at least you wouldn't be in hell, and the company would be off the hook.
Wisconsin, Feb 15 2005

(?) Is hell exothermic? http://sethrasmussen.com/?p=215
An old story, and made up too. But very good. [wagster, Feb 15 2005]

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       The LDS Church (aka "Mormons") posthumously baptizes people based on genealogical records. They've gotten some flak for this practice when it was discovered that Jewish luminaries such as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud were included.   

       By definition, won't the insurance company be gone (the world having ended) and unable to pay off on any of these policies?
krelnik, Feb 15 2005

       People seem to be concerned about the role their choices play in their headlong rush to oblivion.   

       The plan is working.
reensure, Feb 15 2005

       So this insurance policy would only cover acts of god?   

       And how will the insurance company determine the true religion? I think an easier plan, if posthumous conversion (henceforth PC) only adds protection (and doesn't rescind earlier guarantees of salvation from other religions), is simply to provide a perpetual PC service for any new religion that enters the scene.
nprnncbl, Feb 16 2005


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