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Pope Mapping Drone

Eliminate papal surprises
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Tired of of that sudden papal presence in the middle of some canonical indiscretion?

Let new drone technology help you. track him constantly on your cell phone and perform your less than religiously acceptable deeds with confidence knowing there'll be no unexpected & embarrassing sudden manifestations of church authority.

Also available in Bishop cam.

Skewed, Apr 28 2021

No Pope Here https://www.totalit...ordirlandese/?amp=1
places where you won't find the Pope [xenzag, Apr 28 2021]

Because I'd rather map anything but poop. Poop_20Mapping_20Drone
[Skewed, Apr 28 2021]


       Is that the pope under your cassock or are you just... no I think this so-called "idea" is beyond saving.
pocmloc, Apr 28 2021

       Aww, you called it an idea (OK so you put quotes on it, but still), rather than an incredibly weak pun aimed at [Steamboat] willies idea, that was sweet of you, a bit generous perhaps but sweet.
Skewed, Apr 28 2021

       + well you know this guy isn’t one of my favorite Popes. He meddles in politics , he criticizes people who don’t want to wear masks etc. if he was truly a holy man he would accept everyone as they are. I don’t want him knowing where I am either!
xandram, Apr 28 2021

       No you called it an idea, when you typed it into the "idea" box. The only think I called it was a pile of pants.
pocmloc, Apr 28 2021

       This is an idea as much as a poop drone is an idea!
xandram, Apr 28 2021

Voice, Apr 29 2021

       Thanks for pointing out my grammatical error. I’m never good with that.Especially that I do talk to text and it never knows what I am saying ha ha
xandram, Apr 29 2021

       this guy is one of my favorite popes. If entire cultures can engage in political sin by messing around with elections, encouraging division and strife, warfare and chaos, then by God popes can get involved in politics to call that shit out.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2021

       Hmm. Like. [+]
Frankx, Jul 21 2021


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